Education: Their Hope, Our Purpose

This is Our Fight

We make dreams come true for thousands of children in Belize. We send them to school. We build classrooms for them to learn in.

As of September 2022, we awarded 2,666 scholarships for high school and university students to go to school, and we purchased $656,525 worth of textbooks, uniforms, shoes, school lunches, and school fees for them.

Our scholarships go to children who dream of going to high school but whose families struggle to find the money to buy their shoes, uniforms, textbooks, and school fees so they can go to school.

In addition, so children would have classrooms to learn in, we built the final two classrooms to complete the St. Benedict's Catholic Grade School, the Student Center and new Classroom Building at the Julian Cho High School, and the new Cafeteria at the Corazon High School - at a total cost of $255,228.

In January 2022, we brought the internet for the first time to the Mayan villages! We constructed a state-of-the-art Internet Cafe for $115,000 on one acre of land in the center of San Lucas Village where we pull the internet off a satellite circling over the equator. 

And in 2022 and 2023, we spent $274,613 to open our second Internet Cafe in San Antonio Village and build 5 new classrooms at TCC High School in Punta Gorda Town!

  • “I am finishing grade school. My teacher recommended me for this scholarship so I could go to high school. I live far from my grade school. The distance is two hours walking in mud. The mud is very deep. Some days it reaches my hips. I have dirty clothes when I get to school. The kids laugh at me. They call me a pig who plays in the mud. I really want this scholarship." — Eian, 13-year-old from San Jose Village

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    “My parents could not afford to send me to school. Some days we just have to sleep without eating for days. We don’t have electricity. But with this scholarship, I fight through my struggles. I study every night by lighting a candle, and I study until I fall asleep. I will never give up." — Apolinario Pan, 17 years old, 2021 Valedictorian, Corazon High School (Albert Foundation Scholarship Student since 9th grade)

  • "Struggle is the definition of my life. I don’t know what lavish living is. I go door-to-door selling fried tortillas to earn money to go to school. I need this scholarship! If you give me the opportunity, I’ll show you that although I’m poor, I always have hope because God works in miraculous ways. Education is the most powerful weapon, and I’m going to be a lawyer and change this world!" — Valerie, 14-year-old from Punta Gorda Town