This is Our Fight

We make dreams come true for thousands of children in Belize. We send them to school. We build classrooms for them to learn in.

As of December 2019, we awarded 2,140 scholarships for high school and university students to go to school, and we purchased $479,075 worth of textbooks, uniforms, shoes, school lunches, and school fees for them.

In addition, so children would have classrooms to learn in, we built the final two classrooms to complete the St. Benedict's Catholic Grade School, the Student Center and new Classroom Building at the Julian Cho High School, and the new Cafeteria at the Corazon High School - at a total cost of $255,228.

These scholarships go to children who dream of going to high school, but whose families struggle to find the $250 it costs for books to attend school for a year. These scholarships go to children who need shoes and uniforms to walk through the front door of a high school.

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    "I am a poor child. My mother does not have soap powder to wash my school uniform. She uses a piece of soap. You are really helping me by sending me to school. When I graduate, I want to be a soldier. And I will help all the poor people, and all the sick people, and I will change my village. And I am the person to do it!" - Samuel, age 13, Machahilha Village

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    "We are a family of all girls. My sisters and I can only help our dad on the farm on Saturdays. Some days, we have no food, no money, nothing at all. I have no laptop, no cell phone, no electricity. I sleep on the ground. I am crying writing this. But none of it matters to me - I am striving each day to do my very best at school. With God's help and yours, I will succeed." — Candelaria, age 16, Sunday Wood Village [Candelaria is now in the first semester of her senior year, and she is #1 in her class!]

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    "I am 15 years old. My dream is to become a lawyer. Many innocent people go to prison here. They can’t afford a lawyer. That’s where I would step in. I would fight hard for them with all I have. For me, money is not everything. Love, kindness, the ability to see the good in others, and most of all HOPE. I’m just an ordinary kid with the dream of becoming a lawyer, and I intend to fight for that dream no matter what. Thank you!" — Oswin, age 15, Punta Gorda Town